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College Readiness 101

Get ‘em Ready… Over the past 20+ years I have been fortunate to have been able to work across both the K-12 and Higher Education sectors as an educator, administrator, and service provider.  The one thing that is common among public schools, charter schools, for profit schools (HE & K-12), private colleges and public colleges […]

Customer Service…

… and the 15 ¢ Newspaper It was 1978.  I had used part of the payout from my weekly newspaper route to purchase Meat Loaf’s hot new album ‘Bat out of Hell’ (vinyl that is).  Every day after school I would hop on my purple Puch moped, stuff my papers in my blue newspaper satchel […]


Peter Drucker is one of my favorite thought leaders.  I have read much of his work but the one thing that I keep coming back to is a paper he wrote that was published in the Harvard Business Review in 1999 entitled ‘Managing Oneself’.  When I first read the article I thought ‘this is intriguing’.  […]