Where The Jobs Are…

Where The Jobs Are - 2012 - 2022

As the year draws to a close, many people are beginning to look ahead to 2015.  For millions of students across the country, advancing their education and expanding their career opportunities is top of mind.  They will be google'ing, looking at US News & World Report College Rankings (watch for their 2015 rankings - coming out on January 7)  and talking to enrollment advisors to try to determine what programs to take and where to go to school.  

One data set that is often overlooked by students is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012 - 2022 is an excellent resource for gaining an understanding of where the jobs will be in the coming years.

Here is a snippit for individuals looking to advance their careers in Healthcare, Business, or Technology:







Driven by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an aging population, and an increased move toward community-based healthcare services, there are a tremendous number of career opportunities in the healthcare professions.  I have visited a number of campuses over the past year who focus on public heath, public administration and nursing and my sense is that the future is bright for those entering these fields.

The BLS data shows that by 2022:

-  There will be 33,000 (net new) additional openings for Physician Assistants and a total 48,900 openings (includes attrition)

- There will be 37,100 (net new) additional openings for Nurse Practitioners and a total of 58,500 openings (includes attrition)

-  There will be 123,300 (net new) additional openings for physicians and a total of  296,400 openings (includes attrition)

-  There will be 526,000 (net new) additional openings for Registered Nurses and a total of 1,052,600 openings (includes attrition)

N.B.  If you are serious about a career in healthcare, 'The Future of Nursing' is a must read.







-  There will be 434,700 (net new) additional openings in Retail and a total of 1,955,700 openings (including attrition)

-  There will be 244,100 (net new) additional openings in Operations Management and General Management and a total of 613,100 openings (includes attrition)








A wide range of career-opportunities exist and will continue to exist in Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS).   Watch for a continued increase in technology roles in internet security, web-based technologies, and cloud-based technologies.

-  There will be 140,000 (net new) additional openings for Software Developers and a total of 353,200 openings (including attrition)

-  There will be 127,700 (net new) openings for Computer System Analysts and a total of 209,600 openings (including attrition)

-  There will be 28,500 (net new) openings for Web Development and a total of  50,700 openings (including attrition)


The outlook for careers in Healthcare, Business and Technology has never looked better.  There is an important trigger thought that is required in order to insure individuals are prepared for these roles and have the requisite skills to be successful when they enter into them.  Quality programming whereby the competencies are aligned to what the professions are demanding.  The majority of the schools that I have been working with this past year have been intent on redefining competencies that are aligned to these needs, restructuring program offerings, and creating new ones.  'Adapting' to the needs of the market and being nimble will be a critical success factor for colleges and universities.  This characteristic has not always been emblematic of the way our higher education institutions have operated.  Those that are able to make these shifts will see tremendous success.

Looking forward to working on this work in 2015!