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Hacking Remedial Education

Initial results are in.  And they look pretty good. In December of 2012 The Charles A. Dana Center, Complete College America, Inc., Education Commission of the States, and Jobs for the Future published a white paper on the Core Principles for Transforming Remedial Education.  It was an impactful piece of work and laid the groundwork for […]

It’s the Small Things That Count: “Little” Data in Education

For two decades, many in the education world have danced with “Big Data”, taken by the appealing idea of educators and institutions transforming the learning environment through scalable, meaningful insights into individual and aggregate data that can impact the performance of their students.   As well-intentioned and important as this concept has been in driving educational […]

At the Heart of the MOOC

This post is the first of a mini-series on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the latest phenomenon to hit higher education here in the US and internationally. MOOCs are the most exciting thing to hit higher education since the personal computer became ubiquitous. Not everyone will agree, as the ongoing MOOC debate seems to have […]

Changing the Rules: Competency Based Learning in Higher Education

A recent Inside Higher Ed article dives into the challenges facing institutions following the rise of competency based learning (CBL). With the realization that seat time is less indicative of student success and as practical knowledge-attained takes the center-stage, the question arises: what happens to commonly held ideals about accreditation and the sacred credit-hour? While […]

Taking Your iPad Along For The Ride

When I was younger I lived and breathed cycling.  During the summer I raced twice a week in two different circuit races.  I was obsessed – obsessed to the point of replacing every component on my bikes with the lightest possible materials – right down to every single bolt (titanium was may fav.). Today, while […]

Seven Words…

Liberating. Unique. Different. Interesting. Individualized.  Worthwhile. Relevant. It is amazing how descriptive seven simple words can be. These words are the answers that a student panel gave Susan Patrick, President and CEO of the International Associate for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) when she asked the questions ‘what one word would you use to describe your […]

Thank a Teacher

This week, millions of student’s will head back to school.  While our education system is under tremendous fire, it is the time of year for all of us to remember the saying ‘if you can read this [blog], thank a teacher’. For ten months of the year, our children spend almost 60% of their waking […]


I recently did an inventory of the computers that I have owned over the past thirty years and it was an enlightening experience.  If you haven’t done this, it is worth taking 15 minutes to go through it and think about how the technology has impacted your life. For me, it started in high school.  […]